Nope, we don’t know each other. Nope, we don’t know exactly what we need to find. But the town of Embrille is in danger and frankly… there is no one else.

Nadeline Rowe – Daughter of the local Apothecaries, an alchemist herself and well… you know if you’ve read this blog.

Grimmorn Stonebraid – Dwarven Barbarian out of the depths and ready to make a name for himself and his clan. So far so good, Grim.

Garviel A’Kumiervia – Classically learned Archivist. Good talker, better storyteller, Human Encyclopedia.

Kazzan – Who in the hell…? A hulk of a man who seems to enjoy grappling people in the name of Jlyne. Oh… and he’s loud.

Nathalia – Half-elf Cleric of Jlyne or better known as The Most Reluctant Healer Known to Man.

Amryn Carhildi and Hanna – A sorceress of some sort who summons animals and her …”elven”? companion. I’d complain but we’d likely be dead without her lately.

Rence – The so-called Archer who has since disappeared into the night. Percival tells me he simply walked off during his lookout shift. How fortunate that the large loud man burst out of a cocoon not long after.