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Unknown Identity

For the adoptive daughter of apothecaries, Nadeline’s life is one of mystery to her. The tales of hags and their Changeling offspring are not well known in this world and the vague information that most do know are told as legends and stories of fiction. From a young age Nadeline knew she was different. She could sense within her a sort of magic that lay dormant only to spark at unprovoked moments, aiding her in the smallest of tasks. She could readily read magical scripts for her parents before even learning to read regular text. It seemed an overly simple task to persuade others or convince them that her lies were truth. As she became a teenager those simple lies turned to seductive persuasion even when it was not her intention. And then there were her fingernails. Just before her 8th birthday she discovered that they could grow and retract, ghastly black nails that were quite hard and sharp…and useful, she’d admit. Still, what all this meant was still a mystery.

And so it was that when the dreams began they did not startle her. By all accounts they should have, for these were not simply dreams but the active callings of her hag mother, a horrendous creature, meant to lure her daughter to her. The rituals of the hag and her Coven of several others like her mean to bring Nadeline to them, by will or by force, so that she too might become a wretched abomination same as them. To Nadeline however, these dreams were what she had been waiting for. She knew she was meant for something greater and now these dreams were validation. This was her fate and she was more than eager to follow it. Those with strong magical affinity in the Kingdom of Thalron were raised in status and caste; not only would this lift her confusion of her own identity and light the flame of magic she knew she always had within her, but she could provide a much better life for her parents whom she knew had sacrificed to keep her safe. The Rowes were not a young couple when she was left on their doorstep and growing up a child whom they feared may be ostracized or worse, taken from them for her lack of magical ability, was not an easy task. Oh how Nadeline dreamed of giving them a more peaceful life, one where they would not need to work so hard and gain so little.

But it is not only her origin which makes her identity a mystery. Of course Nadeline does not need more confusion poured into her pot. But alas, it seems who she is is exactly what drew more confusion to her. Also unknown to the girl, her natural talents caught the attention of a certain Witch’s Patron of the Plant domain who, for whatever reasons, believes Nadeline to be a perfect conduit for his/her agenda. And so it was this Patron who sent Percival to her, this Patron who ignited the magic within her and this Patron who is so graciously teaching Nadeline the ways of the witch via communing with her slithering familiar.  To Nadeline however, her ability to communicate with an otherwise hostile wild beast comes from whatever she is,  a natural ability that she somehow is able to finally do. She intends to find out and she believes it is her dreams that will take her there, wherever there is… and all her questions will be answered.

It is impossible to know what is in store for this young woman, but one thing is certain: Not one but two otherworldly entities are playing a vital role in her life and while the hag’s reasons are clear should one take the time to read the lore, there is no way of knowing the intentions of this Witch Patron or whether its intent is good, evil or otherwise.


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